We received an outstanding service from Barbara who provided assistance with my application for Italian citizenship. Barbara explained the process in detail and outlined the fee structure for each part of the process in advance. She responded promptly and efficiently to emails and phone calls. Barbara also provided support and language translation during appointments which made the process far less stressful. Thank you Barbara for an excellent service. Highly recommended.

Barbara is fab! Helped us secure our rental here in Italy, and only weeks later we were living in it!!!!
Thanks Barbara, I recommend you often!

Hi I’m Roger. It’s been my great pleasure to start working with Barbara this last few months on fulfilling my dream to move to Italy. I had read many positive plaudits regarding Barbaras assistance in moving to Italy and I can honestly say they were all correct. A very professional honest Lady with a warmth and generosity of spirit whilst communicating the essential info required to make your move as simple straightforward and painless as possible. Heartily endorse Barbara to help your move to Italy.

I have worked with Barbara for the last 10 months in acquiring a house in Southern Italy. She was instrumental in my ability to communicate with the parties in an auction of a house in my grandfather’s ancestral comune. I can confidently say that it would not have happened without her. Even when new information came to light, I had to modify my original intentions and she was able to turn on a dime and accommodate my requests. She was able to communicate the information clearly in language that I could understand and act as a translator as well. I would not navigate the Italian real estate market without having Barbara by my side. I highly recommend her to assist anyone who is seriously considering purchasing a house in Italy. You won’t be disappointed. Grazie mille, Barbara De Benedittis Relocation and Legal

I had an amazing appointment with Barbara on Zoom, just now. My husband in America and me in Italy.

She gave me a new insight on the ERV vs. Dual citizenship and answered so many questions. I decided to pursue dual citizenship instead of ERV.

Don’t hesitate if you have questions .. hire her and save yourself some time and money!

Thanks again Barbara you were so knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to working with you in my dual citizenship endeavour.

La dolce vita !

Thanks to Barbara De Benedittis, we picked up our Permesso di Soggiorno today! Barbara helped all the way, and explained the process thoroughly.

We applied last December in Campobasso, Molise. Our appointment with the Questura was last June. We had all the documents ready and apparently in enough order for approval!

Thank you Barbara for your help.

I owe a huge thank you to Barbara De Benedittis Relocation and Legal. My path to Italian citizenship took 4 months from the time Barbara and her team filed the paperwork to the court order which declared me an Italian citizen. I am American and Italian. Barbara and team, I am forever grateful. Thank you.

I met Barbara during a trip to Rome last fall, she is the real deal, as is her team. Barbara listens, she helps, she gets it done. Thinking of Italian citizenship? You won’t find a better ally than Barbara De Benedittis and her team.

A big BIG thank you goes out to Barbara for assisting / guiding and general supporting me through my Carta di Soggiorno journey. Arrived in Italy on December 8th applied for my Carta 2 months ago and picked it up today !!!! Barbara thank you. I am continuing using Barbara services as she is well just awesome.
Buona giornata a tutti.

A quick share on my recent experience in using the services of Barbara. Put simply I wish we had done it earlier!

We bought a property in Italy last year and it was only afterwards that we realised the gaps in our knowledge, in spite of professional advice, friends and online groups.

Barbara was able to help us sort out IMU which I had never even heard of, and give us legal advice which has shaped our decision as to whether to apply for residency or not.

She is also well connected and has directed us to other professionals when we have needed them.

Her fees are reasonable and she is easy to deal with. Happy to recommend and I hope this is helpful.

Good morning dear members. After a year, my husband and I have finally been able to realise our dream and have bought a house in Italy (near Rieti).

Our search for the perfect property started back in April. We have had numerous appointments and viewings. If you don’t speak Italian and don’t know the processes here, the search can quickly lead to despair.

We reached this point about 4 weeks ago where we finally contacted Barbara. We had already chosen a property and almost made a very bad decision.

Barbara checked all the documents relating to the house and property in just 48 hours. It turned out that the property boundaries had been measured incorrectly, and there were other nasty surprises.

After this experience, we have relied on Barbara from the beginning for our next house, with the result that we can finally fulfil our dream.

Her price is absolutely justified, she speaks perfect English and is always available.

She took care of all the communication with the authorities and the estate agent and thus enabled us to have a stress-free house purchase.

I can highly recommend her!

We are Jeremy and Filomena and have used Barbara’s services and I must say absolutely amazing.

For anyone living in the United States who is considering purchasing a holiday home in Italy, the most valuable tool to educate yourself is a good attorney. We had the pleasure of working with Barbara Bdb when we started inquiring about a property we wanted to make an offer, and we would not have been able to navigate that process without her help. She supported us and provided guidance as well as assisted us with paperwork and translation services that would have otherwise been a barrier. In the end, the property we really loved had too much risk in the deal for us to move forward but we would not have been able to uncover the legal downside to the property without Barbara. When we are ready to start the process again, she is the first person we will call. You will save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of time!

Salve, greetings to the group from Puglia. My wife Laurie and I are feeling extremely blessed to be realizing our dream of escaping Canadian winters in southern Italy. Our journey began a year ago when we started to contact sales agents via email and WhatsApp with very littled response. Thankfully we found Barbara De Benedittis during a search for help on facebook. Everything got easier from that moment on. Well not everything, but we now had Barbara on our side and she helped us navigate the negotiations with the agent, the seller, and eventually the notaio. Every stage of the process had a hickup, and our limited Italian language, combined with a lack of knowledge, would have had us stuck without experienced help. But Barbara worked on solving the issues while we continued our lives in a different time zone.

One example of the valuable ways that Barbara assisted us, that really stood out, was personally coming to the Rogito. This was after Barbara noticed a discrepancy that the Notaio overlooked: one of the seller’s CoF did not match the property ownership papers. By taking her time to explain each step of the process to us via Zoom calls, Barbara made us feel at ease.

Grazie Mille, Barbara! Thanks to you, Laurie and I are currently travelling around Puglia, and enjoying our evening walks (passeggiata) in the vibrant Centro Storico of Barletta.

Here are some pics of Barletta, Bari, Polignano a Mare, and Alberobello. Living in a climate where palm trees thrive is a dream come true for us.

Excellent advice and assistance that helped me obtain my Carta di Soggiorno in really quick time.

Barbara was really clued up on what was needed, and when something came up that she wasn’t sure of she took the time to check with the questura on my behalf. She identified all the documentation I needed and then even went through them with me beforehand to make sure everything was in order before my appointment with the questura.

I highly recommend Barbara’s services. Now if only she could help me get my “patente b” as easily. …. sigh….

Thank you Barbara.

Whenever I have had an inquiry, Barbara has been there to help. Thanks Barbara! Next Tuesday I have my appointment in “Questura” for my permesso di soggiorno! So far I am enjoying my new life here in Italy. I am on my own, but I have met quite a few locals which make life so lovely here. I hope to convey news regarding the permesso!

Barbara helped our family enormously…without doubt we will always turn to her for professional help and advice.

Barbara is the best!

Barbara was an absolute godsend to us in purchasing our apartment in Barletta remotely from Canada.

Hi, If you need help and guidance for your move to Italy get in touch with Barbara. This lady is a true professional who you can trust and rely on!!!

I must of drove her crazy with all my texts and emails, but she never got phased. Just always did her best to help me.

I would like to publicly thank Barbara Bdb for helping us from beginning to end in the purchase of our medieval Umbrian hilltown home. She is knowledgeable, professional, diligent and very accessible (sorry for all the questions Barbara!!!). My Italian is ok, but having someone totally bilingual and knowlegable about Italian real estate laws is invaluable. She coordinated with the realtors, architect and geometra, and notaio, all of which were as nice and professional as she is. And she negotiated the price down which actually paid both her fee and the notaio’s fee. Highly, highly recommended!!!

I would recommend Barbara! She helped me with my house sale in Molise and I would trust her with anything!!

A big shoutout from me. Barbara helped me find my apartment and negotiate the lease. It could not have worked out better. I did everything sight unseen with her help, including a virtual walk-through. In hindsight, I cannot imagine doing it on my own, even though I am prett good at navigating things like this and had some facility with the language (and in-country friends to help where needed). Highly recommend hiring her if you are having issues.

Barbara is an Italian treasure…need answers? Contact her, help? She is amazing…smart, kind and just lovely. Oh and she knows a ton of great stuff!!!!! Xoxoxo

Barbara is herself Italian, charming, supportive and extremely organized. She is exactly the person you need when relocating to Italy. We moved from the French Carribbean island of St Marten to Sanremo for a new job. Impressively, after contacting Barbara on 19th November, she had us moved into our new apartment and registered with the Town Hall on 4 December.
That is light speed work, especially with the added challenges of the pandemic and Brexit.
She continues to help us settle into our new life and has saved us so much stress. We are deeply indebted to her. Do not underestimate the challenges of moving to a new country. Make sure to contact Barbara for an efficient and low stress relocation.

The world of Italian bureaucracy can be a confusing and frightening place. Concepts like logic, helpfulness and organization can seem, to the novice participant, to be entirely absent.

With Barbara’s help, I was able to secure my Post-Brexit residency in Italy as a British citizen. Her deep understanding of the technical process – along with plenty of wisdom and tips about how best to navigate the mysterious workings of the bureaucratic system – took a great deal of stress out of a complex series of procedures and endless form-filling. None of it was simple, so I’m extremely grateful to have had an Italian lawyer fluent in English on hand to answer my every question and ensure I didn’t make any missteps along the way.

Barbara was the second Italian immigration lawyer I approached to help on my journey to Italian residency. The complexity of the process eventually flummoxed my first lawyer, whose advice was eventually reduced to “go to the questura and see what they say.” As anyone who has had any dealings with the immigration department of a questura would agree, this is not the advice you want to hear.

There were no stumbles like this with Barbara. She knew what needed to be done and how I needed to go about it, making a potentially treacherous bureaucratic journey smooth sailing. Highly recommended!

I was given Barbara’s contact information by another Expat in our group and it was a true gem. Barbara is knowledgeable, straight forward in her communications, and was very in tune with what I wanted/needed in my search for an apartment.

In the first conversation, she noted that I was looking at areas where my USA income would be taxed at 22% vs smaller communities where it would only be taxed at 7%. I might have discovered this eventually, but it made my search much more effective. She reviewed my contracts and did much negotiating on my behalf with agents and owners. A very competent and simpatico person to work with.

Ciao tutti. I retired in Rome as an American in September of 2020…..during one of the COVID lockdowns….there have been various hurdles to navigate, one after the other…..and one person who stands out over all is Barbara Di Benedittis, who eased our way and guided us on the highest professional level. Barbara’s professional knowledge, savvy guidance, and humane heart significantly eased our way and enabled us to move forward in calm and peace of mind which more than justified our investment.
I heartily recommend that you take advantage of her services to make your adjustment to Italy so much more pleasant and much less stressful. To have this wise and very knowledgeable professional Italian on your side who speaks fluent English and does everything with a smile is priceless. I had a complicated matter to take care of with regard to a family member’s residency, and Barbara’s help was simply invaluable.
I wish you all an easier transition to Italy with Barbara Di Benedittis’ guidance and expertise.

Now feels the right time to say the biggest thank you to Barbara De Benedittis for her professionalism, for making the settling process feel so easy, to be an excellent legal adviser!

Have you ever asked yourself “what now?” once you decided to change your life completely? Once you decided to move to another country – into a new world, carrying only hopes in your suitcase? To move to a place with new language, different laws and everything?

I didn’t. I moved to Sicily right before Christmas – a completely impulsive decision after seeing a place on internet, not knowing anything about it or anyone near. It happened to become my own new and small and beautiful village, miles away from Milano or Rome thanks to that special person Barbara!

Thank you Barbara for helping me achieve a dream, taking the “what if” and “how” off my shoulders! I feel like I found a friend! I am extremely happy that I had discovered by chance this Facebook page and I am happy to keep using Barbara’s professional advises and services! I can’t say thank you enough.

Happy New Year to all!

Barbara is a priceless resource on living in Italy. She has satisfactorily answered all queries I’ve had on living in beautiful but bureaucratic Italy. Barbara is a valuable powerhouse of knowledge when navigating the complexities of Italian requisites and I highly recommend her as the first point of departure when looking for Italian legal services.

Thank you Barb for initiating and welcoming foreigners to your fb page.

Barbara is extremely professional and efficient, so quick to respond and give clear and comprehensive explanation. I contacted Barbara after joining ex-pat group on Italy since my daughter has been living in Florence for the last 4 years.
Prior to that I have been trying to engage another lawyer in Florence for weeks and was getting frustrated and worried that we were running of time to sort out my daughter post-Brexit status.
Barbara on the other hand responded straight away and supported us throughout the process with always being available and super responsive. It was so reassuring to have her on the other side of email/phone for any explanation and information we required. The issue was sorted in no time and we look forward to engaging Barbara again for a property purchase we plan once we can travel to Italy again.
I can not recommend Barbara highly enough, our experience was excellent!

Great service and Barbara completed our residency for our british colleagues perfectly!

Barbara helped me with a complicated Brexit residency application that had been previously rejected. She was honest, professional and made time to help me in a tight time frame. It was very reassuring to have someone on my side who understood Italian bureaucracy and could help me build a strong case. My application was accepted and I am over the moon . Thank you so much for your help Barbara.

Barbara helped us with a difficult matter at a very difficult time for us. Her help was invaluable and we are very grateful. Thank you Barbara!

Excellent knowledge of Italian legal system and extremely well connected with other Italian professionals for resolution of all issues affecting people wishing to relocate to Italy. I would highly recommend her.

Barbara is friendly, professional, and, most importantly, well-informed. She simplifies complicated Italian bureaucracy, helping you navigate whatever challenge or issue you’re facing, doing her very best to find the solution that works for you. Highly recommend!

Knowledgeable, professional and very attentive . Barbara knows her stuff ansia fluent in. both Italian and English.. she really knows her stuff!
I highly recommend her.

Barbara was immensely helpful when my family and I relocated from the U.S. to Rome. She represented us professionally and always kept our best interest in mind while searching for a suitable residence. Communication is key in facilitating the process and Barbara exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her relocation services!

I highly recommend Barbara’s services regarding having Italian citizenship recognised in Italy. I have relied on Barbara for what I anticipated to be the most difficult part of the process and that is Renting with a Lease or Letter of Hospitality.

Barbara played an important part in the whole process down to communicating with my host. I could not have gotten where I am today in the process without her. Her charges for services rendered are fair and more than that her reassurances through the process are grounded in fact.

It hasn’t been easy, starting with a VERY weak stamp on my Visa page in my passport to being assailed by workers in the immigration office for trying to achieve this life-long goal. Barbara has been there for me and I will continue to rely on her expertise.

Barbara is still helping me with a family problem in Italy. I would like to say how grateful I am – particularly as it isn’t her normal “day job” work. Her help and advice has been critical over the last month – particularly with translating and resolving issues for us at every short notice. Based on this, I would recommend her to anyone who needs her professional help.

I have to extend my extreme thanks to Barbara! She has been there for us every step of the way and today our Italian residency has been approved!
We sincerely hope that if you are going through the process of residency you retain Barbara for her services!

I had a wonderful experience with Barbara. She is very professional know well what to do & how to do it.
She helped me a lot dealing with all the complicated legal system in Italy to find a good apartment & helped me in writing the contract she is really keen & do her best to serve the optimum quality service to get the job done.
She is also a warm & kind person that is happy to help & available for any question. She also texted me after her service was done officially just to make sure that everything is going well with me.
So she really did beyond her job description. Definitely recommend her to anyone who want to relocate to Italy.

I used Barbara’s service and I would highly recommend it. She’s an excellent agent, she really understands your needs and works hard find the best option for you. She has a lot of experience and knows the market. Thanks Barbara for all your help.

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